Interaction Design Project for ConnectNET

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Time: Sep'12 - Dec'12
Design Methods: User Interface Design, Wireframing, Info Architecture, Interaction Maps, Prototyping, Project Management
Tools: Sketching, Axure
Link: ConnectNET Application

Design Problem

For my Interaction Design Class I found an interesting problem to work on from a San-Fransisco based start-up called ConnectNET. It was building an app for business networking to encourage people to enhance their network. I looked into the problem and worked on setting the scope of such application through specifying the Design Problem. I provided the interaction design for the app along with a working Axure mock-up.


I developed a cloud based mobile app concept that gathers all the contacts of its user from social networking sites (such as LinkedIn, Facebook), electronic devices (such as laptop and mobile) and physical diaries. It gathers and organizes user’s first-degree connections, allows user to analyze his network and encourages networking through offering tips / suggestions / recommendations.

Design Process

I started with brainstorming possible solutions. We also had group brainstorming sessions. In these sessions all raised some issues that we thought are most improtant to address in building such app:

1. How does it foster interactions?

foster interactions

2. How does it insure privacy of the user’s contacts?

foster interactions

3. What is the motivation for using such an app?

foster interactions



ConnectNET storyboard-1
ConnectNET Storyboard-2

Lo-Fi prototypes

Lo-Fi Prototype-1
Standard workflow for gathering the contacts
from social networks
Lo-Fi Prototype-2
1. Contacts, 2. Individual contact, her circles along with
her presence on different social networking websites,
3. Circles screen
Workflow to see and edit Contact value manually
Lo-Fi Prototype-4
Contact map visualization on the mobile screen

All these exercises led me to reach a feasible solution which could meet the expectations of the users upto some extent while keeping the goal in focus.

Hi-Fi Prototype

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ConnectNET Home    ConnectNET Circles
ConnectNET Individual Log    ConnectNET Reminder
Some of the final screens of ConnectNET