Personal Informatics Project

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Time: Jan'12 - Apr'12
Design Methods: Behavior change through self knowledge, Prototyping, Project Management
Tools: Fireworks, MS-Excel
Links: Moodhack Application
Downloads: Moodhack exposition poster, Final presentation


Personal wellness is difficult element to quantify. There are many elements of daily life that can impact the well-being of each individual. Pinpointing the factors that have greatest impact on wellness and mood is difficult. We need to learn how our own eating and drinking habits affect our mood?

Our Solution

This proposed personal informatics design aims to find a correlation between sleep and diet with mood. We decided to create phone application prototype for this design. Our design tracks diet, sleeping habits and moods (with its intensity the user is observing it) through a phone application and visualizes this data for a specified time period. The goal of this design is to facilitate behavior change through self knowledge.

We presented this project at School of Information annual event and created above poster for this event.


Data Collection

For recording food, we divided the food items into five categories and beverages into six categories so that user can just tap and record his foods and beverages. We also provided a list of moods, where user can select multiple options and then application asks about the intensity of the each mood he selected before.

Categorization and integration with habits

We found adding the food, beverage and mood by typing on the tiny phone screen is less desirable and in a long run user may lose their interest in the application because of excessive typing or they might ignore to record all their foods / beverages / mood. The sleep recording is integrated with the alarm and at the time of sleep the user just has to swipe a tab and when he wakes up and turns off the alarm the system records user's sleep time. For recording the mood we decided to have a pop showing up at users predecided times.

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Some screen captures of MoodHack protoype

This whole data can be visualization the phone screen and the user gets to know about what is making him feeling a particular mood. The data can be visualized for a week or month.

An intial data visualization for Moodhack


We learned about the barriers and motivations in using a system. We also learned that if the data about selves can be presented in the right form can initiate the behavior change which is practically very hard to achieve.

Group Members

Cindy Chau, Shelle Hyde, Surong Ruan, Anand Geetey