Information Architecture Analysis

Time: Sep'11 - Dec'11
Design Methods: Heuristic Evaluation, Wireframing, Project Management
Downloads: Final Presentation


Analyze and identify breakdowns in the User Experience because of the inconsistencies in Information Architecture.

Our Process and Recommendations

Explored the and identified an interaction, page, moment etc. from the site user's experience where the information architecture that already exists exemplifies an imperfect instance of each of the 10 heuristic principles. Abby’s heuristics

Heuristic-is this Clear?

Our recommendations include:

  1. The shopping process (Add to cart) should be integral to the workflow not a standalone process.
  2. Prioritize information to avoid complication.
  3. If it says click, make it clickable.
  4. Make multi-column drop-down lists because for smaller screens the single column list goes below the viewing area.
  5. Provide shortcuts to reach the end information.


Learned to evaluate a large commercial information system. Learned how to deliver useful information in the right form which a user can understand and can be turned into a purchase. Learned about Navigation and Search systems. Evaluated the quality of what is offered on the site. Provided a critique for the current design.

Group Members

Soma Ray, Jianqi Xing, Anand Geetey