Evaluation of systems and services Project for Threadless

Time: Jan'12 - Apr'12
Design Methods: Interaction-map, User Interviews, Personas and Scenarios, Comparative Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation, Survey Design, Usability Testing
Tools: Fireworks, Qualtrics, Camtasia
Downloads: Interaction-map poster, User Interviews report (includes Personas and Scenarios), Comparative Analysis report, Heuristic Evaluation report, Survey report, Usability Testing report, Final Presentation

For my Evaluation of systems and services class I worked in a team that analyzed the website for it's usability.


Usability analysis of

Threadless is both an e-commerce website and design community where members can submit, critique, and score designs and slogans. Users vote on submitted designs and those with sufficient votes “win” and are printed in limited quantities on t-shirts, hoodies, and various other products.

Our Process

We evaluated Threadless’s interactive website system for its usability and usefulness by using various user experience research techniques. We used Interaction-Map, User interviews, Comparative Analysis, Survey, Heuristic Evaluation and User testing to identify the areas of improvements.

Interaction Map

User Interviews, Personas and Scenarios

We created 3 Personas and Scenarios and conducted six user interviews.

table relationships
One of the Scenario we created for threadless

Click image to download Personas, Scenarios and User Interviews report.

Competitive Analysis

We compared the threadless system with eight other competitors.

Heuristic Evalution

We used Nielsen's heuristics for evaluation and we conducted total six user testing. For each method we analyzed all the data, wrote detailed reports and provided recommendations.

Heuristic Evaluation

Click image to download Heuristic Evaluation report.


We found our respondents for the survey by sending a pop-up on the screens of the users. Our survey received 648 responses. We have also collected browser metadata to understand the user demographics.

One of the charts we've got from Survey data

Click image to download Survey report.

User Testings

We conducted total six user testings. We identified tasks that were targated to gather information about our research questions:
1. Are there usability barriers on the Threadless website that inhibit community participation (and where do breakdowns occur)?
2. How easy is it for a new user to connect with the Threadless community?

User Testing

Click image to download Usability Testing report.


Apart from various User experience techniques this project gave us an opportunity to develop an objective way of thinking which should be based upon quantitative or qualitative data gathered from reliable sources. We also learned how to identify the silent expectation of users of a system.

Group Members

Mariah Cherem, Anand Geetey, Shelle Hyde, Jeannette Schroeder